Who is Ronna McDaniel?

According to Bing:

Ronna Romney McDaniel has notable family connections within the prominent Romney family. Let’s explore her familial ties:

  1. George Romney: Ronna McDaniel’s grandfather, George Romney, was a popular Michigan governor in the 1960s. His legacy left a significant impact on Michigan politics1.
  2. Mitt Romney: Ronna McDaniel’s uncle is Senator Mitt Romney, a well-known figure in U.S. politics. Mitt Romney served as the Governor of Massachusetts and was the 2012 Republican presidential nominee123.
  3. G. Scott Romney: Ronna McDaniel’s father, G. Scott Romney, is a lawyer. He was also involved in Michigan politics and ran for the GOP nomination at the state convention1.
  4. Ronna Stern Romney: Ronna McDaniel’s mother is Ronna Stern Romney

So now I understand why she is being replaced!

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