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Women today hold their youthful looks far longer than previous generations. Think about your grandmother or great-grandmother. Was it just the photography, or something else that made them look older? Gray unruly hair? Saggy, spotted skin? According to AARP, innovative beauty products, expanded clothing options, and science-based skincare have turned back the clock for many.…

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March 12, 2024, was Equal Pay Day. This date symbolizes how far into the year the average woman must work to have earned what the average non-Hispanic white man had earned the entire previous year.  2024 Equal Pay Day Calendar

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Do you believe in “love at first sight?” In Spanish, flechazo is a feeling of intense chemistry with someone during a first meeting. (My mom called it “being in heat.”) Here are some words (that you might not know) that describe love or romance in languages other than English.

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Crooks are always looking for new ways to separate you from your hard-earned money. Look at these 7 spam and scams that come in your texts. What is ATM skimming, and how do you protect yourself? Be careful out there.

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Want to be a lawyer or just learn to think like one? 20 Worst Law Schools in the United States (Updated 2023). Here are some good to excellent law schools in Texas:

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SYSTEMIC RACISM AND THE GENDER PAY GAP is a report from the American Association of University Women that examines how systemic racism—including decades of discriminatory employment practices, intentionally inadequate legal protections, and persistent racial stereotypes—has contributed to a pay gap that remains far wider for women of color than for white women.

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