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What you can learn by reading diverse news sources…. BTW, am I the only one who doesn’t like cropped pants? Are you afraid for the next election? I am. March is Women’s History month. Learn something new about women.

Kintsugi 3/2/24

Do you know who Caitlin Clark is? Clark is the basketball phenom who has scored 3,617 career points so far in her college basketball career, and she is now just 18 points away from breaking the all-time NCAA scoring record held by basketball Hall of Famer Pete Maravich (3,635 points).  Do you know who she hasn’t outscored, and probably won’t? Pearl Moore. Clark, a senior at Iowa, has declared for the WNBA and won’t be able to pass Moore’s record in her remaining college time. “Moore’s legacy is scantly remembered as the hooper from Francis Marion — a tiny university in her hometown of Florence, S.C. — who scored a staggering 4,061 collegiate points from 1975 to 1979” according to Mark Puleo, writing in The Athletic.

“Moore began her college career at Anderson Junior College, where she scored 177 points in eight games. Always a homebody, Moore came back to the Florence area to play for Francis Marion, now part of NCAA Division II. In those days, women’s basketball was largely the purview of the AIAW, which lasted until 1982, but Francis Marion was among the smaller schools by any measure,” writes Pete Iacobelli for AP.

Puleo writes, “By the time [Moore] graduated, her 4,061 points were an Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women small-school record. The NCAA didn’t offer a women’s basketball tournament until 1982, and the AIAW was the main governing sports body that oversaw women’s sports through the 1970s.”

Clark will not be able to surpass Moore’s record. Sports folks now distinguish Clark from Moore by describing her as the highest-scoring “major college” women’s player. Then there’s Grace Beyer, whose record Clark cannot hope to match. Beyer added 32 points to her 3,842 points on February 24, moving her into fifth place in college basketball history, men or women, NCAA or NAIA, regardless of division. At her current pace, Beyer needs six postseason games to chase down the women’s all-college scoring record, set by Pearl Moore with 4,061 points — 3,884 for AIAW-member Francis Marion from 1975-79 and 177 points while at Anderson Junior College.

If you watch women’s college ball and listen to the commentators gushing over Clark, just remember that Moore is still the reigning champ and that Grace Beyer is up there, too.

More sports. Did you know that in December 2020, Major League Baseball (MLB) took an important step by officially recognizing the Negro Leagues as major leagues? This recognition was long overdue and aimed to correct historical omissions. As a result, the records of players from the Negro Leagues are now listed alongside those of the National League and American League as major league records.

Want to be a lawyer or just learn to think like one? Have lots of barriers to attending? New Court Programs Inspire Students to Enter Legal Profession The Kazen Fellowship Program is designed “to give students who have a hunger for knowledge, the willingness to work hard, and the drive to succeed, a mentor who can help guide them and show them that they are not alone,” said Judge Diana Saldaña, of the Southern District of Texas, who launched the six-week program in 2023. BTW, there are some good to excellent law schools in Texas:

  1. University of Texas–Austin School of Law: Located in Austin, UT Austin Law offers a prestigious legal education with a strong focus on research and practical experience. It is renowned for its faculty, diverse programs, and vibrant legal community. For the 2022 calendar year, the overall bar pass rate for graduates who sat for the bar examination within one year of their date of graduation was 94.61%
  2. Texas A&M University School of Law: Situated in Fort Worth, Texas A&M Law provides a comprehensive legal education with a commitment to public service and experiential learning. It emphasizes practical skills and community engagement. For the 2023 Texas Bar Exam, Texas A&M Law ranked number one in the state with an impressive 94.63% first-time bar pass rate.
  3. Southern Methodist University (SMU) Dedman School of Law: Located in Dallas, SMU Law offers a rigorous curriculum, excellent faculty, and strong connections to the legal industry. It has a rich history and a supportive learning environment.
  4. Baylor University School of Law: Located in Waco, Baylor Law School focuses on small class sizes, practical training, and values-based education. It has a strong reputation for producing successful lawyers. The bar exam pass rate at Baylor Law School is 91.97%
  5. University of Houston Law Center: Located in Houston, UH Law Center provides a diverse and dynamic legal education. It offers various programs, including health, energy, and intellectual property laws. The bar pass rate for the University of Houston Law Center is 83.9% for first-time bar takers in 2022
  6. Texas Tech University School of Law: Located in Lubbock, Texas Tech Law emphasizes practical skills, interdisciplinary studies, and community service. It has strong ties to the West Texas legal community.
  7. South Texas College of Law Houston: Located in Houston, South Texas Law offers flexible programs, including evening classes and part-time options. It focuses on practical training and preparing students for legal practice. The first-time bar passage rate (Class of 2020) was 77.82%.
  8. Texas Southern University: Located in Houston, the Thurgood Marshall School of Law has a rich history and is committed to preparing a diverse group of students for leadership roles in the legal profession, business, and government. For first-time bar takers in 2022, the pass rate was 44.5%
  9. St. Mary’s University School of Law: Located in San Antonio, St. Mary’s Law School has a rich history and has launched the first completely online law degree program fully accredited by the ABA in the nation.

Watch out for THE LAW-SCHOOL SCAM: For-profit law schools are a capitalist dream of privatized profits and socialized losses. But for their debt-saddled, no-job-prospect graduates, they can be a nightmare. BTW, 20 Worst Law Schools in the United States (Updated 2023).

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March is Women’s History Month. Lots of good stuff out there. The theme this year is “Women who advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Many online events.

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What’s on my book table? Something Good by Vanessa Miller; Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid, and Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson.

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Went to see Katt Williams. Interesting. There were a lot of comics on his show, including Mo’Nique, Mark Curry, and Tommy Davidson. Reading all kinds of interesting books. Trying to figure out why any black person, or person of color, or woman of any color, or working person – actually anyone – would support the former president. Can’t!

Wild Cooking Woman 2/24/2024

Clay Cane’s new book, The Grift, is fascinating and informative. According to, “After the Civil War, the pillars of Black Republicanism were a balanced critique of both political parties, civil rights for all Americans, reinventing an economy based on exploitation, and, most importantly, building thriving Black communities. How did Black Republicanism devolve from revolutionaries like Frederick Douglass to the puppets in the Trump era?” Well done. Get a copy.

Another fascinating book I’m reading now is Simon Shuster’s The Showman. According to, “Time correspondent Simon Shuster chronicles the life and leadership of Volodymyr Zelensky from the dressing rooms of his variety shows to the muddy trenches of Ukraine’s war with Russia. Based on four years of reporting; extensive travels with President Zelensky to the front; and dozens of interviews with him, his wife, his friends and enemies, his advisers, ministers, and military commanders, Shuster tells the intimate and revealing story of the president’s evolution from a slapstick actor to a symbol of resilience.” Excellent writing.

What else caught my eye this week?

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What are the oldest languages in the world? So many are in danger of extinction.

For folks who use cannabis, which is the better choice: smoking or edibles? Just watch out, because cannabis isn’t legal in every state, quite a few foreign countries, or on cruise ships.

What’s going on in Gaza? It depends on who you talk with. Who are the Houthis and why are they hijacking ships? The more you know, the more you need to know.

The University of Kentucky Press has created a new imprint edited by Crystal Wilkinson and they’re accepting submissions from Black writers until mid-March. (thanks, Roxane Gay)

The Alabama Supreme Court has taken another step towards turning the state into a theocracy. Read the decision for yourself here.

Do you remember Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who claimed to be black? I do. She’s changed her name to Nkechi Diallo and is back in the news.

Did you know that black musicians were essential to the origins of contemporary country music, but some musicians (and others) want to ignore those roots? John Schneider compared Beyoncé to a dog marking its territory while discussing her step into country music on conservative cable news channel One America News Network. Who is he again? A washed-up TV star who used to play a good old boy driving a car with a Confederate flag decal while running from the law. Or am I thinking of someone else?

Lots of companies are jumping on the all-body deodorant wagon. Brands include Lume (for women) and Mando (for men), Dove Deo, Secret, Native, Curie, Old Spice, and others. Lots of stinky people, I guess.

And last but not least, one of the latest politicians to put his foot in his mouth, or perhaps his head up his posterior…

Do you believe in “love at first sight?” In Spanish, flechazo is a feeling of intense chemistry with someone during a first meeting. (My mom called it “being in heat.”) Here are some words (that you might not know) that describe love or romance in languages other than English.

Crooks are always looking for new ways to separate you from your hard-earned money. Look at these 7 spam and scams that come in your texts. What is ATM skimming, and how do you protect yourself? Be careful out there.

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