Garden and Gun? Dolester Miles

Garden and Gun? Me? Yes!

I never thought I’d subscribe to a magazine called “Garden and Gun” but I do. I grew up with guns and don’t have an issue with them for self-defense and hunting, but I don’t approve of unrestricted availability or military-style weapons in the hands of civilians. I first came across the magazine when I was looking at articles about Dolester Miles. She is an amazing baker and pastry chef.

An Alabama Chef and Her Beloved Desserts Hit the Big Time - The ...
Dolester Miles, who was named Outstanding Pastry Chef by the James Beard Foundation in May, has worked for more than 30 years at the Highlands Bar & Grill in Birmingham, Ala. Credit…Bob Miller for The New York Times

Here are some articles about her just in case you don’t know who she is:

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