Pet Proof Your House

Have you ever had a dog that would chew anything? A puppy who had difficulty learning boundaries? I have had both of those kinds of dogs, and don’t have a crate because there isn’t anywhere to put one. So when I got my puppy, I had to figure out how to keep her safe. She loves to get into things when I’m gone, although with COVID I’ve been working from home. I can’t always be there, so I had to learn what to do to make my place pet proof.

  • Put away dangerous foods. Chocolate, garlic, and alcohol are all no-nos.
  • Keep your trash in a closed can. My dog is Einstein when it comes to getting in trash cans.
  • Look out for poisonous plants. Ivy, mistletoe, lilies, and tulips are all dangerous for pets.
  • Put medication out of reach. Meds for my dog are chewable and very appealing. An overdose can be fatal or at least cause a very expensive vet bill.
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