Decluttering WCW style

I’ve been working from a list, which never seems to get any shorter. Here are things I did that improved the level of clutter in my immediate surroundings.

  1. Put all (most) of the flower vases I got with floral gifts in a box for Goodwill or Restore.
  2. Sorted the mail basket and threw away junk. Shredded the offers, recycled the paper.
  3. Took print magazines and sorted them into share and recycle piles. The share pile will go into a box to be mailed to a grateful recipient. The recycle pile will go to the recycle place.
  4. Gathered excess office supplies and donated them. I’m talking about advertising pens that write, empty files I’ll never use, notebook paper left over from the last child, and usable highlighters and markers that have hung around for 2 moves, etc.
  5. Took expired prescriptions to a local disposal site (a Walgreens).
  6. Got rid of all my print dictionaries. And out-of-date makeup.
  7. Put tax papers from 2010 or earlier in the shred pile. All real estate paperwork is saved, regardless of the year.
  8. Made decisions about hobbies I always planned to do, but never have, or haven’t recently. Like quilting, painting, and learning a new foreign language.
  9. Rounded up all of the misc. cords that I can’t figure out what they belong with. Those are in a small basket, to be revisited at the end of the summer. Still a mystery? Gone.
  10. Put summer clothes from last year that don’t fit this year in a new Goodwill bag. Put fall and winter clothes in bins in the garage.
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